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Wednesday, February 16, 2005

a real blog

this will be one. see?

i will keep it updated.

i will post things that are good.

i will punctuate and capitalize properly....

and no one will read it.

first order of business, as an exercise in mental health, i will explain a little bit of myself.

I am Colyn Gremaud. I do not like this name, it sounds as if your tongue is melting when you say it. i ocassionally write things, nothing significant, just limericks, anecdotes, poetry, the ocasionally unfinished play/shortstory/abortednovelfetus. I enjoy stand-up comedy, music, being "indie" (do the kids still say that?), theatre, books, and sex, though i have never had it i can imagine it must be fun, people are always talking about it. it is all over the internet. now i am all over the internet.

i also play videogames far too much.

i like to play the guitar though i am not very good, i also like to sing and dance even though i am not good at those either. but i am okay at them.

i am also a marxist. to an extent.

now that you know a bit of me. here is something i wrote a while ago, do not try to make sense of it, i just opened the dictionary and started pointing.


"or did you swear allegiance to the people
and did they let you down
forgotten by a neodialectic machine
did you sex-dose the clown
flashbulbs and frowns
fell from the sky
and now surround
miss spherical psycho fell from the sky
blasting slap bass lines on her sitar
hopin one day she'd be lit up on a star
pipe dreams always come true
i'm not screamin how bout you
is that jesus bangin his head against the wall

blindfold mr passion
dance his steampipe down
horny seamen fall and drown
aluminum trident cum on neptunes crown
parrallel incisions breakfast ciggarette
late night traction belly dancing ball
punish bad cop paper pushing maw"


Blogger caitlin said...

hi colyn.

you have already failed with your crazy proper punctuation-like ways.

but it's ok cause you're still cooler than anyone around.

8:58 PM

Blogger James said...

We'll be happy to read your real blog, in hopes that it doesn't slip into the morass of unread nothingness like so many thousands of others . . . probably millions.

But you'll have to remind us periodically on aetheri. The term seems to be 'blog pimping' - which we would encourage you to do without restraint.

5:36 AM

Blogger James said...

This is Liz . . . just in case you know some other royal 'We's' out there in blogland.

5:38 AM

Blogger Flip Constantine said...

thanks guys <3

9:16 PM


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