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Sunday, March 20, 2005

it's a hit.

y'all should check out rilo kiley if you haven't yet. i realize i'm a little late on the indie bus for this one, cause they've already been on conan. but seriously, they rock.

so my life eh? not a whole lot.

i wrote this.

cold lips and quiet eyes
she came to me in the night time
she looked me up and she looked me down
let's go boy, go downtown

come on boy, let's go down
go down where we first came around
where i first saw her shine in the streetlight's last
and we held hands on broken glass

broken promises and cold blue air
she left me lying in the moonlight where
we first met not so long ago
where she first said see boy i told you so

she's trying very hard. to ignore the sounds of drowning children coming from the back of the shopping mall where she first heard the sound of a sharp knife coming down on the spine of a burning book and she hopes that she's. nevermind. nevermind.

that will appear on songfight.org under "let's go boy" as "the meanness" in case you were wondering.


Blogger EM said...

those lyrics are good! <3

7:39 PM


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