hecklin' be a way of life. when you heckle, you heckle to live. you heckle the bad musicians right off they stage, you heckle the bad films right off they screen, you heckle the powerful right off they thrones.

Monday, October 31, 2005

I Found Love

i wish i could find love
like i seen those couples on the hallmark cards find
a love that involves smiling and holdin hands
and lookin on your children as they play with the dogs
i wish i could find a blonde love with mams the size of watermelons
and a 13 inch waist
who always wore a string of pearls
and had a steak on the table when i got home from work
from my job tellin people what to do

Sunday, October 30, 2005

Web Crawlin'

Bitten by a radioactive MCSE he developed the proportionate strength of a nerd! He is:

The Webcrawler!!!

Watch him use his uncanny powers to purge the internet of evildoers!


you have entered #9yroldsex. Topic for #9yroldsex: "We're having a meeting in the alley behind Chummy Joe's at 3pm tommorow! We'll have candy!"

WebCrawler031: Stop right there! I've come to bust up your little smut peddling ring!

yr_daddy: hey there buddy, how old are you?

WebCrawler031: Fiend! Prepare to be haxxored! By Justice!

yr_daddy: are you sure you wouldn't rather watch some cartoons?

WebCrawler031: Well, I have been known to indulge in Scooby-Doo from time to time...


yr_daddy: SAY IT BOY


Friday, October 28, 2005

A Note About The Internet That I Think You Should All Pay Attention To.

Note the Opera Browser button over there in my links? Click it. No I don't have some affiliate thing where I get ten cents every time you click it. I'm telling you this for your own good. Listen, I like Firefox too. I think it is a pretty sweet lightweight browser that is secure, standards compliant, and not IE. But for a more comprehensive and convenient and altogether more powerful browsing experience, Opera is the better choice.


Star Trek Is On TV Too Many Times A Day

I know, that is not something you think you would hear from me. I love Star Trek. And TNG is my favorite series. BUT IT IS ON 36 TIMES A DAY. Granted, I still watch every episode I get a chance to, but dang, after that much Star Trek on Fridays, I still have a bit of the X-Files and an episode of Firefly that I can't just forget about. What am I supposed to do? I can't just neglect them. The adventures of Mal and the gang are at least as valuable and worthy of my time as those of Jean-Luc and the Enterprise. But after six ding-dong hours of Star Trek I'm straight up exhausted.

Guys, I don't know what I am going to do about this problem. Help me, Internet. You're my only hope.


Thursday, October 27, 2005

I know i'm just sorta postin like hells today, sorry.

Listen, you don't gotta tell me I've posted too much today. I just feel like clogging the internet with crap.

Also I wrote this:

27 October 05: 1514--

it makes a noise like a dam breakin jussa bit
rattles and coughs and spits out smoke
breaks and bundles and rusts over in a blink of an eye
and i'm laughin just like that
just with that laughing sound like a engine that won't turn over
just bristlin with that rust just hangin on like junk has a tendency
to do.
and i'm burnin just like that
with smoke and stench and steel
too much friction encountered for day to day operation to proceed
and i'm spittin out smoke like that cause i heard it killed you


So lately I've been forced to reevaluate my position re: instrumental music. I used to be all "Instrumental rock is onanistic and dull." And instrumental rock still is for the most part. However, having been exposed to a good deal of non-vocal electronica/techno by our good friends at www.music.for-robots.com I've decided that a lack of vocals, while in most cases is pretty dumb, is not neccesarily a dealbreaker.

This has been an Update On Flip's Opinions.


Have I linked Radioclit yet? If you're into wicked weird hip-hop with absolutely soul-crushing bass and beats, check it out. Their "Roll Deep" LP is available for free download. I highly reccomend spending a little bit of your bandwidth on it.

In other news... has anyone else noticed that flipping over the railings in engineering seems to be SOP on star trek:enterprise whenever they get attacked? I have, it's pretty funny.

This episode of Flip Is A Nerd brought to you by The Intar-Web.

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

jon bon blogger

i'm very neglectful of my iternet-sponsibilities to an imagined audience... i'm sorry dudes, sorry i haven't updated... sorry...

but anyway, i suffer from a profound lack of anything valuable to say, so i'll probably only update this as an exercise in making myself suffer. here's hoping!

Saturday, October 22, 2005


i still have this? crazy. on second thought it really hasn't been *that* long, but in intar-webs terms its been a hugely long time. i know crazy right? anyway nothing really interesting has happened... college is pretty dull and lame. i know right? i had a pretty sweet day today, i found this amazing flaming lips song. it's called "spongebob and patrick confronth the psychic wall of energy" flipping amazing, you have no idea how good it makes me feel. omg. anyway......... man all the computer i have up at this campus is a compaq laptop, which has me running a broked-up-as-hell ubuntu install because for some reason power management is hella the fucked up and occasionally the thing will just flip itelf off. pisses me off. tried to get windoze back up ons, but i don't have a cd-key, and i'm not willing to go thru the trouble of getting one or freaking trying to get cygwin up and running to run keygens. fuckin stupid power management.