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Thursday, January 05, 2006

Free Software, Free Culture.

Lemme lay it all out on the line for y'all.

Free Software, Free Culture.

Here's what it's all about. The freedom to use information. The
freedom to redistribute information. The un-inhibition of information by government and corporate entities. The invalidation of software idea-patents. Adoption of Creative Commons as a universal standard. Reform of copyright law.

This is important, because when one powerful entity (gov't, company, w/e) controls all the information, it's at least as dangerous as one company controlling the energy supply. And currently, MS controls around ninety percent of the world information. And they have no scruples about commiting acts that are anti-freedom and anti-democratic, as their recent acts as a digital strongarm for the Chinese Government show. Arresting bloggers and censoring search results are not the actions of a group of people I want to trust with controlling the world's information. And they have the market in a firm grasp of consumer ignorance. Most people don't even realize that "Windows" is a seperable entity from "My Computer" or that Internet Explorer is different from "The Internet". And the only Windows alternative they are aware of is Macintosh, but they fail to really understand the difference between the two, believing macs to simply be a different shell on top of essentially the same thing. This is a huge card in MS's favor. As long as their customers remain intimidated and impressed by seeing "omg intel inside 3.6 jiggahertz so fast windows home xp omg" and learn to be as intelligent in their technology consumer choices as they are for cars or any other expensive commodity.

Okay so it's not quite "all on the line" but it's all I got right now.


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